The MetroWest Boston FIT4MOM Tribe


The History of MetroWest Boston FIT4MOM

Our Stroller Strides beginnings were very similar to many of your own. Shakira decided to come to her first class with Elias (3 years) and Kalia (4 months). About ten months later, Shelley joined a class, with Elizabeth (3 months), after relocating to the area from Europe, with no friends or family in the area. In both cases, we went to our first classes hoping to find a way to get our Postpartum bodies into shape, though after our introductory "FREE CLASS", we were both totally and completely ... HOOKED.

Summer of 2010 we were both pregnant with Seneva and Alexander. Our instructor and founding owner, Laura Kimball, announced that her family was relocating New Hampshire and hoped to sell the business to someone who love Stroller Strides as much as she had. Unbeknownst to each other, we were both contemplating purchasing the franchise on our own. After a Stroller Strides class, we discovered our shared desire for Stroller Strides to not disappear...EVER! From that moment on, we began developing our partnership and created KEESA Fitness, LLC*, which insured the continuation MetroWest Boston Stroller Strides (now Fit4Mom).

Though neither of us possessed a background specific to the fitness industry, our educational and work histories made us great candidates as Fit4Mom instructors and franchise owners. Shakira's work history was in the world of fashion and higher education, working as a professor at BU and Northeastern. Shelley's background was in elementary education and as a Level II, PSIA ski instructor. When we completed our Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby Instructor training , it was safe to say we were even MORE HOOKED by the awesomeness that is Fit4Mom!

While deciding if we were going to renew our contract in 2014, it was this love for all of you, our WICKED AWESOME MAMAS of MetroWest Boston and the FiT4Mom program that steered us to continue our adventure with YOU!



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