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Becky T »

Becky T.

When a colleague returned to work after a year-long maternity leave, I greeted her with a hug. “YOU... look fabulous! What is your secret?” She smiled and responded with a shrug, “Stroller Strides.”

After having my son, I was cleared for exercise at my six week appointment, and signed up for my "Free Stroller Strides Class" and showed up the next day.

I played sports my whole life, up through my years of NCAA volleyball. I thought a mommy-workout program would be engaging but relaxed compared to my days of pre-season double sessions. WAS I WRONG! After a complicated bedridden pregnancy, attempting a plank left me a spastic ball of disappointment within fifteen seconds.

These fitness classes were NOT a walk in the park. I showed up to class about three times a week and promised myself I would give 100%, following the instructors’ directions and modifications. Pregnancy took my body away from me but this was my time, my one hour in the day, to be guiltlessly selfish.

The mothers that attended MetroWest Stroller Strides are my type of women, its an...

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Ashley R. »

I began my experience with Stone Oak Stroller Strides in San Antonio.

My family and I relocated to the greater Boston area last year. Our transition was much easier by finding and working out with the MetroWest Stroller Strides group. The instructors are awesome and everyone (moms) has been friendly and welcoming!

Seems any Stroller Strides is the best group to join for fitness and fun!

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Tori A. »

Tori A.

After having my second baby boy I was AGAIN looking for a way to get that weight off. Stroller Strides was still part of my daily routine which I loved but I needed to step it up a notch. I started my weight lose journey with Body Back in January and I'm now just starting my 4th continuous session. From the aggressive food plan, workouts and motivation from Shelly and Shakira, I'm finally happy again in my own skin. Shelly and Shakira have changed my life in many ways. They are both great motivators and supporters and I have to thank both of them immensely for inspiring me to continue and stick with my goals! Thank you SS and BB for everything you have done for me, my boys and my family. It is appreciated more than you will ever know!

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