Becky T

Becky T.

When a colleague returned to work after a year-long maternity leave, I greeted her with a hug. “YOU... look fabulous! What is your secret?” She smiled and responded with a shrug, “Stroller Strides.”

After having my son, I was cleared for exercise at my six week appointment, and signed up for my "Free Stroller Strides Class" and showed up the next day.

I played sports my whole life, up through my years of NCAA volleyball. I thought a mommy-workout program would be engaging but relaxed compared to my days of pre-season double sessions. WAS I WRONG! After a complicated bedridden pregnancy, attempting a plank left me a spastic ball of disappointment within fifteen seconds.

These fitness classes were NOT a walk in the park. I showed up to class about three times a week and promised myself I would give 100%, following the instructors’ directions and modifications. Pregnancy took my body away from me but this was my time, my one hour in the day, to be guiltlessly selfish.

The mothers that attended MetroWest Stroller Strides are my type of women, its an eye-roll, snarky-comment, judgmental-glare free zone. Because of this, I felt privy to share my questions and concerns. Mom's with older children NEVER preached to us new moms; Stroller Strides provided a discussion forum where we could all share ideas from BreastFeeding to Underwear, and everything in-between- they've created an AMAZING TRIBE, a true definition of STRENGTH IN MOTHERHOOD!

Metrowest Boston FIT4MOM Instructors set the tone and elevate a great experience to an AMAZING experience.

The co-owners, Shelley and Shakira, differentiate each class to meet the needs of all the moms. In one "station" they can modify for a mom 8-weeks postpartum, recovering from a C-section, while at the same time challenging a mother training for a 10k. All while they simultaneously rock strollers, sing songs, and count reps. Honestly, their multi-tasking is precedent setting!

Shelley and Shakira are incredible athletes, incredible teachers, and incredible mothers. In all aspects of the Stroller Strides experience, they’ve exceeded my expectations. They teach class with a gentle and supportive demeanor. Their level of physical fitness alone is a motivator for us attendees. One day I hope to squat that low, and do a push-up with that level of ease!

A year after starting Stroller Strides, the combination of my newly found "Mama Tribe", my quest to 'REPO' my Mama-Body, and the direction offered by Shelley & Shakira...I'm saying,"HELLO, BECKY!!!"

I'm looking as strong as I did at 23, playing NCAA Volleyball! Though now I have the SWEETEST trophy EVER... my own 'Boston Danny Boy' sitting on my hip!

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